Why Simplilearn Is The Best Digital Marketing Training Provider In India?

Why Simplilearn is the best Digital marketing Training Provider in India?

It has been more than a year now that I have been associated with Simplilearn. I am a Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant, running my own Digital Agency and Digital marketing training Institute.

When I started taking LIVE virtual classes for Simplilearn, I wasn’t sure about the income that I would generate and the value which I will get from there. I mostly thought of this as a way to engage myself and earn some part-time income along with my full-time profession.

After 3 months, I was already taking 2-3 batches on a monthly basis for them. Suddenly, the income seemed to be quite substantial and it became my priority. Infact, I have started enjoying the training sessions more than I do my consultant projects these days.

I am not writing this Blog solely about my own experience. I would talk about both the sides of a training program- one from a trainer’s perspective and other from students’ perspective.

In this Blog, I would talk about how students can benefit from this course. Let me show you the reasons for which you should join a Digital Marketing Training program with Simplilearn.

Market Motive Course Content

Simplilearn has acquired Market Motive, USA which is one of the biggest global firms in the Digital Marketing domain. The E-learning material which Simplilearn passes on to it’s students has been prepared by the vertical heads at Market Motive and it gives a big advantage to students to access a training program of international repute which most of the other training providers doesn’t really offer.

Global LIVE Virtual Classes or GLVC

Apart from the e-learning content, It offers LIVE virtual Classes which can be taken by students from anywhere in the world. You can use your Laptop, desktop, Tablet or even smartphones to access the LIVE classes. It doesn’t matter whether you are in home, office or travelling. You can access the course from anywhere. Incase if you miss out on any of the training sessions, you can get the recordings in your learning management system and watch the same.

You can ask questions via chat or voice call during the training session without any hesitation.

SimpliTalk: Discussion Forum and Community

There is no fun in learning if it doesn’t allow interactions. Simplitalk is an internal forum with community of students where you can discuss about the subject matter, projects, jobs and related things with a peer group, faculties, learning coordinators etc. This helps is exchanging views, knowledge and even learning from others.

24*7 access to E-learning content and Recorded Lectures

You can access the course content everywhere all the time. Even if you don’t have internet. Surprised!! Don’t be. Simplilearn Mobile App can be used to access the recordings and e-learning content even if you are not connected with internet. Trick is simple! Install the Mobile App, Login with your credentials and make your course offline while connected with internet. That’s one time job which you need to do. The course gets locally stored in your Mobile phone which you can access even if you are not connected to internet.

Projects and OMCP Exam

Google, Youtube and FacebookCertifications

Once you complete this course package of LIVE virtual classes, E-learning content and Projects- you would be ready to take up certification exams from both Google and Facebook with confidence. You can easily become Google Adwords certified professional and Google Analytics Professional and both of them are free certifications. These two certifications are must to make a flourishing career in Digital marketing and Search Engine Marketing. You can appear for a paid certification of Facebook blueprint which is again essential for a career in social media marketing.

Peer Learning Group

Since Simplilearn is a global player, you will find participants from different countries and different roles/industries. This builds up a solid platform for peer learning and lot of valuable experiences are shared along with the course content. This can be a game changer for freshers and people new to a certain domain.


Any training program is incomplete without a good Faculty. Simplilearn does a rigorous check for the selection of their faculty. But this doesn’t end here. There is a rating and feedback system wherein students have to rate the trainers for each training session. This means a continuous check is enabled and there is no space for lack of quality. Most of the Trainers are highly qualified and experienced  professionals, who are working in industry currently. They will share their valuable experience and tips/tricks along with currents trends, techniques and methods applicable to work.

Learning Coordinator

A learning coordinator is your buddy and point of contact for everything you need. They moderate the training sessions, help you sort out any difficulty which you face during the training session and also help you with resources or anything which you require for your course access and projects. You can reach out to them at your ease and convenience.

Now that I have given you review about Simplilearn and it’s digital marketing Training program, you can ask me more questions by putting comments on this Blog.

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