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Why Learning Digital Marketing Is A Must Irrespective Of Which Job Or Profession You Are Into?

Why learning Digital Marketing is a must irrespective of which job or profession you are into?

Learning Digital Marketing is no more an optional choice in this century, it must be used as an asset irrespective of what you do. Being a Digital Marketing Trainer, I have taught digital marketing course to almost all kind of people- Bloggers, Freelancers, Sales/Marketing professionals, students, Business owners, Entrepreneurs and even Home makers.

I, primarily, come from a business family and I saw my father struggle with marketing for his small business even though his firm delivered the best-in-class products at a very competitive price. Customers from far-off cities and villages would visit us for what we delivered and the only marketing we did was ‘word of mouth’. It was simple that we couldn’t afford marketing expenses such a TV, print or radio ADs.

Times has changes and so has businesses and marketing. Marketing is no more a cup of big corporate giants alone. The reason you are reading this Blog on shivangireviews.com is because of a very interesting form of marketing known as digital marketing that most of us can do with a bit of guidance and training.

Digital Marketing is so important and has so many advantages that it’s almost impossible to ignore it.

In this Blog, I will tell you how learning digital marketing can be helpful to all of you irrespective of what do u do:

If you a Blogger:

You would admit that not all Blogs are successful on internet and not all the Bloggers make millions. Writing content is just 20% of what you do if you have blog, rest 80% of the time is spent promoting it. Most of the successful Bloggers and not necessarily the best content writers but they are better marketers.

They don’ rely on TV, print or Radio to promote their blog. They would depend upon digital marketing and use SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing among others to promote their blog, drive traffic, earn money from advertisement, PR and affiliate marketing, gain subscribers and audience from different sources.

What Freelancers want?


Flexibility is the most important thing that most of the freelancers vouch for. They want to work from anywhere and at times they want to work. They don’t want to lock themselves in a 9 to 6 schedule. Besides, they want to have time for everything which they are passionate about.

Digital Marketing can be a dream career option for freelancers as all they need is a Laptop, mobile or tablet with a good internet connection. Time and place would hardly matter and there are plenty of freelance work opportunities in digital marketing both within or outside india. You can be a social media manager managing  Facebook page and YouTube channel for a small or big business. You can create and schedule your marketing efforts on website and social media so that it automatically gets created and updated hence avoiding human errors. There is a lot more to this.

Modern day Sales or Marketing Professionals

If you are into a sales or marketing profession, digital marketing is indispensable for you. Gone are the days, where you will call or chase almost everyone to sell your product. In the age of social media, customers spend more time on Facebook reading posts, on YouTube watching videos and on Blogs reading interesting topics than watching TV or listening to radio.

Marketing teaches brands and businesses to be present and active on places (one of the P’s of marketing) where customers are. Businesses spend more money on digital marketing these days to generate more leads, drive more sales or to engage with customers. It saves time and gives them the best ROI or return on investment for their marketing spend.

Let’s take an example: If you search for ‘best Hyderabadi biryani in Gurgaon’ and your business listing comes at the top- people are more likely click on your website link and enquire/purchase from you rather than your competitors.

Sales or Marketing Professionals can generate leads/sales with SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing. Paid advertisements on Google & Facebook and even with Blogs and affiliate marketing. Unlike, most of the traditional digital marketing channels, these are cost-effective and result driven with an ability to take corrective actions straightaway. That would mean if any of your campaigns go wrong or not living upto your expectations- you can pause or modify the campaigns at the point of a click.

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, there are two things which we can bring in plenty into our business- passion and effort. While passion would lay the foundation and would keep your business alive, Your efforts would decide that in which direction your business would move.

But most of the self made Business owners and Entrepreneurs lack funds and investments. Perhaps, my father had similar issues when he started his business but that was 25 years back. Now, new age entrepreneurs or business owners can learn digital marketing by taking up a Digital marketing Course either classroom or online. They can use the tips and tricks taught in these courses can use the same for the promotion of their business on different channels. They can get started with few non-paid or organic ways of promotion and use paid advertisements later on as per their budget and funds.

Home Makers can have a career too!

It’s a pity that most of the talent women, despite of their qualifications and work experience, in India quit their job and settle down to become a Home maker. Few even don’t get started with a career after their education. They are bound by their household duties and personal/family needs of raising a children. They have erratic schedule and unreasonable demands which can’t comply with even a part-time job. In a way, they are struck in a deadlock.

Learning Digital marketing can change their fortune. Just like Freelancers, they can chose to work from anywhere- either from home or from their in-laws place or from their husband’s travel location etc. They can even start a small home based business and use Digital marketing and social media for the same while catering to demands of family and their children.

The best part about Digital marketing is that it can be learnt by anyone, irrespective of their:

  1. Age

  2. Academic background

  3. Work experience

  4. Qualifications

  5. Nature of Job or business

Well, it’s never too late to start and you can select the right training program for you.

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