Top Questions to ask while choosing a Web Designing Company for your Business Website

So finally you made your mind to kick start your own business empire, and get to experience how it feels to be the BOSS. You must be working on several sphere of establishing your business, such as choosing office location, suitable furnishing, dealing with recruitment firms for hiring employees and so on. But, in all these efforts the most important thing is getting a well-designed website for your business, as after all it is the window of your business to potential customers. A well informed website is the base for boosting your business growth, as it attracts, engage and convert users into customers and drive your sales goal.

So, why to settle for less!

Biggest chaos of business owners while choosing a web designing company

Picking a perfect website designing company for your small startup business might be a crucial task. With just typing over Google, ‘web design company’, might come up with thousands of back to back results, which at face value looks similar.

You can narrow your search by going for first 10 listed options in Google, and looking out at their portfolio. It can be a good start, but only help in getting partial view of the values, they can offer to your business.

Additionally, viewing the company’s portfolio and previous work samples, help you evaluating their work skills and proficiency. And might clear many of your doubts.

No doubt, investing in your business website is an expensive concern. Before you end up on any specific website designing firm, be double sure where you’re landing. It is highly recommended to list out few questions and ask with the firms you’re considering to work with.

To help you make a better choice, this article has cover few frequently asked questions that every new website builder you consider while opting for any web design company. Getting convincing answer to these questions will help in minimizing any sort of issue in your website design project such as budget, less responsive website, etc.

Below is the list of such important questions, Try out these:

Questions to ask before signing a web design company

  1. What is the overall cost of project?

Basically, there are two kinds of deal, hourly & project bases. Being a startup, you might lack in budget cost, or cannot bear the hidden charges and fees. So, you should opt for a company having project based pricing.

Make sure that you get a final cost for project before signing the agreement, so you’re not shot with any additional costs.

  1. How much time it takes?

Due to some sudden obstacles, your project’s completion might have delayed, it’s quite common and you should have planned it before.

Get an estimated timeline from the company and oversee the performance throughout the project to keep your design on track.

  1. Is SEO and Content Strategy included in the cost?

Though, most of the website design companies doesn’t include this feature.

So, if the company doesn’t offer this service, it is recommended to hire an SEO agency to work together with the agency designing your website throughout the designing process.

  1. Is designing and development services included in pricing?

It’s a very common practice when a small business deal with the web design company, they consider the company is doing designing as well as coding for the website. However, it is not the case, the designing company simply work over design pattern, and being in a small business you might have to pay for coding as well.

Make sure, to cover both the services- designing and development in the cost of website designing.

  1. Can I get informed about the team working for my website and their profile in company?


It is crucial to know about the people who will be working over your project and what’s their responsibility in their company. As most of time when your project price is low, your project might be given to junior level designers or being outsourced to lowest bidders.

Since, your website is the face of your business, and a user most probably judge your site in just 50 milliseconds. So it’s important that your site is handed to skilled and proficient designers.

  1. Is my website count on responsive framework?

Google consider the factor of mobile friendliness for ranking purpose, and even users are more likely to visit and buy products from a site which can be easily operated across all devices.

Make sure your hired website design agency is designing your website on responsive framework.

  1. Which platform and CMS is used for designing, and will the content be further editable?

There available multiple platforms, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) which can be used for your website as the framework.

Confirm with your website design company about the platform they are using for your site, and will you be able to edit content latterly on your own.


The designing of your website is very important for your business as it is the window to your customers. Generally, a user spends 4 to 6 seconds to decide whether he should continue browsing your site or not. You should keep in mind that you’re communicating with your customers via your site. It depicts the significance of a website for any business.

Thus, it become important to consider a website designing company who hold proficient records in designing website across years.

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