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Instagram Vs Facebook- which is the ideal social media platform for your business

With the rapid increase in the application of Internet technologies, more and more businesses are going online to expand their reach and customer base. In the process of making a notable online presence, companies are take-in – different account practices of online marketing. And among them, the most effective and result-oriented is Social Media Marketing technique.

What is Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing is an online marketing technique that which aim to promote a business, or product or services through social networking channels. This practice seeks to reach your target audience through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to gain desirable traffic and convert them into the prospective customer to achieve the ultimate goal of sales for your business.

Though there are several social media channels available at the time, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+. But among them, the most popular social channel used by the brands for business marketing is Facebook with 2.2 billion active users and Instagram with 1 billion active users. Thus, with this much reach available for users, it is probably the most prominent social media channels for businesses to target their audience.

To make it simple for business to choose which platform works better for them, we at Digitalscool, have performed a comparison between Facebook and Instagram by few factors. It will help you to select the right marketing platform for your business. We had made this comparison by four principles of marketing, which reach, paid advertising, engagement, and the time consumed by users over the platform.

Comparison between Facebook and Instagram

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Let’s take a look at this comparison to know which platform is more suitable for your business:


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The visibility of your business determined the reach. Greater the visibility, more target audience will be impacted.

Conclusion- Facebook is having over 2 billion active users, whereas Instagram almost has a billion users presently available. Instagram may cover up these numbers in a few months, but at times Facebook is the better option to attain maximum reach.


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The extent of user interactivity with your content determined the engagement factor. Additionally, several other actions such as download, shares, likes, comments, clicks, and more defined the engagement. The higher the users engaged with your content, the higher is the chances of gaining profits, provided that their actions related to reliable results such as purchases, subscriptions, signups, and clicks.

Conclusion: Instagram is capturing the attention of youth generation more engagingly. Although, Facebook still lacking on the feature of engaging posts as offered by the Instagram platform.

Paid Advertising

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It is not possible for small business to generate a desirable customer base with just organic reach. Paid advertising works effectively regarding generating leads in short terms. As of now, almost every social media channels offers the option of paid advertising.

Conclusion: The ultimate aim of paid advertising, no doubt is to help the business reach out to their target audience whom you are not able to reach organically. Paid advertising technique is independent of the engagement factor, and Facebook with a broader user base is suitable for running your Paid Advertising campaign.

Time Spent by user

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The most important factor is the amount of time spent by a user on these two social networking sites on a daily basis. As the more the time spent by the user, higher is the chance for you to attain the new customers.

Conclusion: A user is more likely to spend 20 minutes on a daily basis on Facebook. There is the similar usage of Instagram by a user on a regular basis, though among the younger users the usage exceeds up to 40 minutes. But we will still give points to Facebook, as the platform has higher average time spent rates on a daily basis.


This article helps in discovering which platform is more suitable for your small business regarding reaching your target audience and generating more leads and driving sales for your business.

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