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Indian StartUps Making International News

Bangalore based startup Chimple are making news in India as well as on the International front. They have won 6.5 crore worth prize for entering into the finalist team in XPrize which is a Global leader in implementing and designing innovative ideas to solve the world’s most important problems.

The four others are CCI, Kit Kit School, RoboTutors from USA and Onebillion from the UK. Being among

These teams from around the world have worked to develop open-source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills within 15 months.

Srikanth Talapadi, the founder of Chimple believes that learning should be exciting and better experience for children. Their company has developed 60 different game solutions that teach children basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills.


The concept of Education startups is rising in terms of expectations and changing preferences of people.The terms of funding have also changed. Educational companies seem to use different methodologies to change the way how tuitions and coaching are delivered to students.


Some of these startups aim to provide better coaching in their chosen subject domain, some help in cracking academic entrance examinations while some others aim to provide various non-academic courses



Let’s have a look at some of the other startups in India who have a promising future in the education sector:

  1. Cuemath

Founder: Manan Khurma

Cuemath is a maths excellence program for students from kindergarten to Class VIII. Instead of memorising formulas, it has puzzle cards, tablets and aids like the Mathbox that consists of a number of learning aids to help students discover concepts better.


  1. Byju’s

Founder: Byju Raveendran

Baiju’s aim is to offer training for preparation of different entrance and competitive examinations like CAT, JEE, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. Since then, it had left a mark on the list of suppliers of school curriculum supplemental classes between grades 6 to 12.imelight in September 2016 for making an announcement of raising $50 million from The Chan Zuckerberg initiative (CZI) and Sequoia Capital along with other investors. It has reported earning revenue worth INR 30 crore.



Founder: Mr Pavan Chauhan

Launched in 2009, Meritnation is known for making school studies easy for students up to class XII. It is an online portal for school children and it continues its journey by catering to the learning needs of students in school. Its content is aligned and updated to the curriculum of various state boards, ICSE and CBSE. At Meritnation, users have the option to learn through live video lectures and interactive recorded videos.

It has raised roughly around INR 96.5 crore from different sources. Meritnation is creating an environment for school students with the help of online videos of tutorials, where they can clear their doubts easily.


Meritnation application has been successful in gaining 5 million downloads on play store since its inception.


  1. CultureAlley

Founder: Nishant Patni and Pranshu Bhandari

CultureAlley has raised $6.15 million from Tiger Global Management after being successfully able to raise seed funding from several individual investors including Google’s Rajan Anandan and Sunil Kalra. The HelloEnglish app of CultureAlley, which works offline, is based on a free English course designed exclusively to learn the English language. It not only focuses on reading/writing English but it also focuses on developing a vocabulary of its users. The app also imparts users with 200 lectures in grammar and building conversations.


  1. Embibe

Founder: Aditi Avasthi

Embibe works on the motto of “Every student deserves personal attention”.It is an online portal for test preparation specially designed for engineering entrance examinations. This startup is based in Mumbai and is currently in an expansion mode.

It received $4 million funding from Kalaari Capital and Lightbox Ventures. This fresh capital base will be used to strengthen the base of students and teachers, as well as develop and research more friendly and deep tests to improve the performance of students enrolled.


6 Nayi Disha

Founder: Kushal Bhagia and Kartik Aneja

Nayi Disha engages the pre-schoolers in various learning models. They make different involving educational applications for students all over the world.  They build educational games which can be played on the computer for pre-schoolers to promote learning while playing using motion sense technology.

It has been successful in raising Rs 2 crore funding which is proposed to be used by the company to expand operations across the globe, particularly in the Middle East and Singapore.

As of now, they are serving 50 schools across the nation including several schools in metros like Delhi, Bengaluru and non-metros and non-tier I cities like Jaipur and Baroda.They claim to have created 30 children-friendly apps.


  1. EduKart

Founder: Mr Ishaan Gupta, Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Mr Mayank Gupta

The website is famous for online distance learning. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses for high school students including several degrees, diploma, courses for entrance examinations and certification courses from sundry recognised universities.

This startup is based in Delhi-based. It recently came into limelight for raising $1 million from various ventures including Holostik Group’s United Finsec, Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Ventures, and much more.

Various stakeholders in the Indian economy are trying to solve the problem of illiteracy. To leverage the same, entrepreneurs from different fields are coming up with their unique ideas to make a mark in the education sector of the economy by introducing more interesting and fruitful measures.

It is a great news that their efforts are being recognised in the international front as well.

The winner of XPrize will receive $1 million. All the best Chimple hope it will be very simple!

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