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Expand your brand’s digital Presence with Social Media Marketing

As a startup business, your primary focus is on the sales-related practices to acquire your return on investment. You must be undertaking many activities to promote your product or service. Have you implemented the most effective and cost-efficient Social Media Marketing technique?

Social Media Marketing is a useful marketing technique which helps in growing your business and expanding your brand visibility. It became necessary to integrate social media marketing into your business marketing strategy to survive in this competitive online market.

With the skyrocketing growth in the application of digital technologies over the past few years, resulting in changing the way customers interact with the brands. In today’s digital time, a user is more likely to purchase while merely browsing their social media profile on the smartphone if your content is intensely attractive to them. On the other hand, blame your brand’s reputation because of inappropriate content. And all the credit goes to a good presence on various social media channels

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

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For any small business, it is crucial to engage with their target customer and revamped its online presence, and Social Media Marketing does the same for brands.
• 77% of Twitter users engage with a brand which responds to their Tweets
• There uploaded the video of 300 hours every single minute on YouTube
• Instagram has reached more than 600 million subscribers. Users shared 40 billion images and probably like around 4.2 billion posts each day.

How Social Media Marketing can build your brand’s digital presence

Below are some key points that depicts the role of social media marketing in establishing your brand’s digital presence, let’s take a look over these points:

1. Choose the ideal Social Media Platform

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There is multiple social media platform available such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. but not every channel is relevant to your business. You don’t need to be present on every network. Choose the social network where your target audience is current and focus on providing them the most valuable content.

2. Build your profiles


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Your business page is the window of your business, so keep it well maintained. Select a profile photo and cover image which is suitable for your brand. Even the brand logo image or the picture of business-owner works better. Using high-resolution images give better impact. It’s essential to fill the official biographies with business descriptions and contact details.

3. Share with your followers

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To grow your followers base on social media, offer them unique and relevant information. Give your audience valuable content, and they’ll find a good reason to connect with your brand.
Content is the king over social media, so it becomes vital for the business to plan a content strategy before starting posting over social channels. Below are a few suggestions:
• Adding a blog section to your website will be beneficial that contains useful and well-informed articles related to your niche
• Commission white papers imitate the domain of your industry
• On a measuring scale, implementing visual networks such as Pinterest and infographics proves to be the effective marketing strategy

4. Post Regularly

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It is essential to be consistent with your social media postings to build a loyal follower base for your brand. Regular postings help in engaging your audience and probably encourage them to visit your site to make a purchase. Consistent content helps in creating good branding and offer a way to communicate with your customers. Replying regularly to their queries & feedback will lead them to trust your brand and maintaining a long-term relationship.

5. Offer Rewards for sharing the posts

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It’s a bit difficult to get people to share your social posts. By offering some incentives or rewards will encourage your audience to share your posts. It helps in gaining more engagement. By carrying out some contest or social polls and offering gift rewards for sharing the post will drive huge user engagement.

6. Replying to your followers

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To maintain a good relationship with your audience, respond to them timely. Merely shooting out the post is not enough to get the desirable engagement result. Make sure to respond to the comments and questions from your followers. It gives brands valuable opportunity to interact within their community. Tagging them in posts and comments often give them a personal touch and help them attaining trust on your brand.

7. Take advantage of Analytics

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Most of the social media platforms offer free analytics to monitor your activity. These tools help in identifying which strategies work better for your brand and which wouldn’t. Posting any wrong content might ruin the growth of your business and even demolish your brand’s image. These tool help in measuring the following metrics to plan specific strategies:
• Number of Likes, comments, and share on a post
• Days and time when the user is most active
• No. of clicks a link received
• Details of your audience: age, gender, location, interests, etc.


By implementing the right social media marketing strategy and take-in-account all the above-described factor, one can simultaneously boost their marketing effort.
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