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10 Things you should never search on Google

In order to get any sort of information Google search engine is the first choice of internet users. From opening an e-mail, social media handles, net banking, food recipes, buying medicines and more, it has become a part of our lifestyle.  One day without a Google search seems impossible. We trust Google, but the content we see or learn by searching on Google doesn’t necessarily have to be correct and accurate. These websites you see create content that offers you the information you want. The information can be correct but remember this platform is accessible to all, anyone can easily write and publish their content.
Hence, we are here with the 10 most common things one should avoid searching on Google:

  1. Bank’s online banking websites

Your bank details are the most confidential thing. Always prefer your bank’s online banking website, instead of searching it on Google search. To stay safe, you need to enter the official URL of your bank’s net banking portal as when you search the same on Google it may show you the website that may just look like the bank’s official website with a very minute difference, there are chances you might share your login ID and password with them.

  1. Customer care numbers of companies

Fake customer care numbers have become quite popular in news nowadays, where people accidentally prefer fake customer care numbers on the website which looks like the original one. Finally, in the end, they become part of the most common scams on Google, with a trust they share their personal information and become the target of fraudsters.

  1. Apps and software on Google to download them

Always search for apps on official app stores like Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhones. Never search apps and software on Google to download them, since they come with additional fake app installation with malware content. They can easily take out your personal information and data and can access your IP address which can be used for illegal activity as well. Never consider downloading a third-party app on your mobile devices.

  1. Medicines or medical symptoms

Remember now everyone pretends to be a doctor on Google.  Google search information especially health quires, never rely on them. Always prefer your doctor’s prescription, never buy or even suggest medicines based on the information you read on Google.

  1. Advice and guidance on personal finances and stock market

Personal finance is different for every business. Taking advice from random people on Google search results while exploring can be harmful to your business since they are not professionals and this is a very sensitive topic to deal with.

  1. Government websites

The banking website holds your card details, ID password, and other confidential details similarly government websites hold your personal information and are targeted by scammers the most. It’s not easy to identify the official or original website. For any particular government website always choose a direct visit to the URL instead of preferring a Google Search for it.

  1. Social media websites to login

It’s great if you are preferring social media apps, but if not then its always advisable to access your social media accounts by directly visiting the URL of the website in the address box, instead of login search on Google.

  1. Ecommerce website or offers on Google

Fake offers on fake webpages of different eCommerce websites have bombed Google search. These offers come with a lot of attractive deals which creates interests in users’ head. This leads people to click on malicious websites and finally, these scammers steal their personal information and details.

  1. Free antivirus apps or software on Google

Antivirus apps or software on Google can be fake as they can be a list of fake products, it is advisable to avoid searching for software on Google. Since it is not easy to distinguish the original one.

  1. Coupon codes on Google to get discounts

Going out in search of coupon code on Google might land on a fake website, which might sell fake coupons with big discounts or at a cheaper price to attract the users. This can easily lead from one thing to another and then these fraudsters can steal your banking details and other information as well.
These 10 things should be strictly kept in mind before searching for anything on Google. Privacy and security is the most important thing for internet users around the globe.

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