Pixel perfect design

Ever considered about detailed designing and layout down to the minutest details? Well that’s exactly what we do! Our designs are pixel perfect and speaks for itself.

ROI driven Marketing

Our insights are a game changer.Our strategies can help you track your users, leads, sales so that your ROI does not falther.

Spell bound words

Our content has the power to captivate your audience. We weave, powerful, relevant and valuable content for your website.

Data Driven Solutions

We have magical tools to know what exactly drives your customers to engage with your brand. So you are better able to predict a successful marketing strategy.

Create A Beautiful Presentation For The World To See

Rest of the world is in black and white and we are splashing colours

Your website is your canvas and presentation to the world and display of your efforts and work. It’s an art. We design websites which are not only visually appealing but very smart and user intuitive as well. So it’s best of both the world.

We create Apple for your Senses!

Our customers love us and that’s what they keep talking about!


Create Your Own Genuine Web Masterpiece

Marketing has the power to paint brand image on customer’s mind Branding and marketing is creating that individual niche in the consumer’s psyche and owning it. More than just marketing, branding is the entire effect that creates a memorable identity which a customer will relate to.


Coffee, Conversations and your Vision! Let’s share it together

We believe that conversations brew well over a cup of coffee!

If you are a start up or have an established business our business expertise will allow you to evaluate your brand’s needs and develop a powerful strategy that maximizes your profits. We provide complete solutions which includes web designing and mobile app development, data analytics solutions and creative text and visual content for driving digital marketing campaigns for your business


Users buy only if they love UI and enjoy UX

Good Enough” is actually not good enough.

A picture can speak a thousand words. And, a well-developed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can make or break your product. Anything less than an awesome user experience leads to unhappy customers who won’t recommend your product and we would not what that right? That’s why it’s imperative to understand how to design a product that is efficient and easy to use.


Let’s show customers what they want. We call this marketing

The trick is to focus on understanding your audience and know how you can be a part of their journey online and offline.

If your website is irrelevant and not what the customers require, they are surely not going to stay. Our effective techniques and strategies are all that your business requires to build an effective marketing strategy that will attract and convert your target market into sales.


Words can cast spell and engage your customers

Creating valuable content to inform, connect and motivate your audience is not only possible But it may be one of the few remaining vehicles left that allows you to build relationship at scale and reach your target audience. We weave magical content into your marketing strategy so your audience stays mesmerised.

Design, Marketing, Content and Data

That’s what we call as a perfect Recipe for New Age Digital Marketing

Coolest coding and delicious design. That’s just the thing we do!” We do Web designing which caters to aesthetic needs of your website as well as it’s usability.We build webpages using HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page. We have web designers who are experts at hand coding pages.

With a good brand and strategic website in place, Digital Marketing is an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your website and to generate leads and client retention. Digital Marketing, on the whole is more effective if the right tools are used like, SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, SEM etc.

It is one of the powerful ways of telling your story and building your brand.Content marketing goes viral when you create something that’s interesting, entertaining and valuable for your audience they tend to share it. And then their audience shares it as well. That way you can reach a broader audience and enhance your message.

Our tools for content marketing includes:
Articles, Ebooks, Presentation, Infographic etc.

Business Analytics can help your business by increasing revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts, respond more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge over rivals. We use various techniques for data analytics like Customers analytics, Sales marketing analytics, Supply chain analytics etc.


Work and Coffee keeps our team alive!

Our clients love us. We have programming nerds, data geeks,creative folks and marketing buffs in our team.
Results and Perform is what we thrive for, everything else is secondary.

Pankaj Lohiya

Hi everyone I am Pankaj. I am a developer and a specialist in back end development. I work on open source technologies such as Php, Java and others. I also take care of the technical SEO team.

Web Designer
Mithilesh Kumar

Hello I am Mithilesh. I am an Expert in HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, angular JS and Node JS. I can take UI design to 100% accuracy with my UI development capabilities. I create mobile responsive design and specialize in front end development.

Content Writer
Ipsita Ray

Hi I am Ipsita. I have an experience of 7 years in various fields ranging from accounts, finance,content writing and social media .I lead the content and social media team.I help in strategizing and developing content for Digital Scool and client’s

SEO Executive
Jitendra Chaudhary

Hello! I am Jitendra, a development expert and I have built and designed various mobile apps and websites for our clients. I am passionate about technology and can work on any open source platform or language. I am skillful with front end development and UX/UI capabilities.

Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!

We know the last thing you want to do is maintain another set of scripts. Therefore our developers tried to make things simpler by removing the codings so that you can carry on smoothly with your functionalities instead of bothering with the details.

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Get Your Development

Hire one or more of our dedicated software & Web developers and receive a full array of benefits including built-in QA and on-time, on-budget project management.

Receive Daily Insights

Your dedicated team ensures 100% collaboration by providing daily reports, weekly status calls, and being available during your business hours for questions, comments, or concerns.

Own Your Code

Once we complete your project to your exact specifications we release your proprietary source code and intellectual property with no licensing, no fees, and no hassles

Creative content is what your site is waiting for!

Isn’t it nice when people land on your site because the title intrigued them, but you do not want to base your entire content strategy on the curiosity factor. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to create content that appealed to your readers’ mind and inspired them to take action?

Make a difference

Unmatched power

Retina ready

Satisfied clients

Control the design

Imagine and create

I am test text for Message shortcode.


We prepare a sketch/wireframe as per client requirements and get it verified

Creative Process

We develop mockups using images, buttons etc. to provide a first look for visual confirmation of the final design

Design & Development

Our web designers and developers work upon the approved design to create website/mobile App

Final Product

We do rigorous alpha and beta testing before handing over the final product to our clients

Want to Know More?

Consult with our custom software development web development specialists now to see specific examples of our work and discuss how our development services will help you.

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