Work and Coffee keeps our team alive!

Our clients love us. We have programming nerds, data
geeks, creative folks and marketing buffs in our team. Results and Perform is what we thrive for,
everything else is secondary.

Pankaj Lohiya

Hi everyone I am Pankaj. I am a developer and a specialist in back end development. I work on open source technologies such as Php, Java and others. I also take care of the technical SEO team.

Web Designer
Mithilesh Kumar

Hello I am Mithilesh. I am an Expert in HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, angular JS and Node JS. I can take UI design to 100% accuracy with my UI development capabilities. I create mobile responsive design and specialize in front end development.

Content Writer
Ipsita Ray

Hi I am Ipsita. I have an experience of 7 years in various fields ranging from accounts, finance,content writing and social media .I lead the content and social media team.I help in strategizing and developing content for Digital Scool and client’s

Jitendra Chaudhary

Hello! I am Jitendra, a development expert and I have built and designed various mobile apps and websites for our clients. I am passionate about technology and can work on any open source platform or language. I am skillful with front end development and UX/UI capabilities.

Preethi C

Hi I am Preethi. I am an experienced professional, with an expertise in back end development of websites and mobile Apps, database management. I can work on wordpress, php, html, css, codeigniter, joomla, open cart, magento, Yii framework, Drupal and a lot of other digital platforms to give you an awesome digital experience.

Graphic Designer
Deepak Prasad

Hello I am Deepak. A veteran of 13 years of experience in the print industry.I switched to web/mobile design and create graphics for marketing collaterals - logo - brochures etc., websites, social media, email, mobile etc.

Shreeyanka Gupta

Greetings from Shreeyanka! I am a visual communication graduate and love to mix and match colors over a digital canvas. I work on graphic design, social media, digital publishing and even UI prototyping. I work closely with our marketing and copywriting team to deliver successful digital media campaigns.